Tiny Stories 

We're calling for submissions! 


Submit a Tiny Story or short piece of poetry, to be exhibited outdoors in one of our upcoming activations. Yes! We offer awards for published work.  


STORYBOX Parramatta

We welcome Tiny Story entries from Parramatta residents, writers and others interested in having their work featured as part of the STORYBOX Parramatta installation in Parramatta Square. You don't need to be located in Parramatta to submit. 

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Wait! What's a Tiny Story? 

A Tiny Story is a word-based contribution to Storybox programming.  Think of it as a mini-celebration of the power of words to transport us into different moments in time. A Tiny Story might be real, or imagined. A Tiny Story might be about you, or not.  A Tiny Story is short! Keep it 120 words or less if you can. Read some here.

Featured Stories by emerging writers and community contributors from Greater Western Sydney

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Words in Space

Imagine being able to look up, and instead of reading an advertising billboard, you see a poem. ​

We're now inviting writers and poets under the age of 18 to submit short pieces of writing for publication outdoors. 

While we are not currently able to confirm the location of published writing, we will be seeking access to a variety of outdoor media assets and screens. 

Think billboards, bus stops, large scale LED screens or even shopfronts...


Selected writing will be re-interpreted as graphic artworks by selected artists and designers. 

This project is supported by the City of Sydney as part of its Creative Resilience Funding. 

Submissions now closed.  

Thanks to the City of Sydney, entries selected for the WORDS IN SPACE program are awarded $200 per published entry. 

Funding available

During August we worked with students at the Story Factory to create unique pieces of writing or poetry designed for outdoor media.


Stay tuned for more! 

Above: Erasure poetry created by students of Holroyd Public School, for Art Write Light in Parramatta. Created with Story Factory. Production by ESEM Projects, 2019.


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