Tiny Stories 

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Submit a Tiny Story to be exhibited outdoors on STORYBOX activations. We offer commissions for selected published work.  

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Looking for wonder ​

We're seeking stories and reflections on the wonder of everyday places we live in. 

Tell us something that inspires you about a place you encounter often. Your doorway, your street, a tree on your daily walk?​

Inspire us with scenes of everyday life around you. 

We welcome your contributions and reflections, and offer commissions for selected published works. 

Selected Tiny Stories are awarded $120 honorariums. Three awards per month. 

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Lake Parramatta.jpg

Gary Carter, Lake Parramatta, submitted to STORYBOX Parramatta. 

What's a Tiny Story? 

A Tiny Story is SHORT. 100 words or less!

A Tiny Story might be real, or imagined.

A Tiny Story might be about you, or not.  

Read some below.

The stories below are from emerging writers and community contributors across Greater Western Sydney, published as part of STORYBOX Parramatta in 2020.


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Thanks so much for your contribution. We can't wait to read it. We'll be in touch!