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Words in Space! 

Just imagine. You look up, and read a poem.  After you read it, perhaps the world sparkles a little bit more brightly.

STORYBOX is re-thinking the potentials of outdoor media. 

Our 'Words in Space' initiative has supported emerging writers through new commissions designed for billboards in public spaces. 


During 2020 we've been working with STORY FACTORY to invite selected writers to share their work for exhibition outdoors.


We're exhibiting these works as part of STORYBOX installations during 2020, and looking forward to opportunities to present these in more public spaces in the near future. 

Get in touch if you'd like to participate as a cultural or precinct partner. 

Creative commissions have been supported by the City of Sydney through its Creative Resilience Fellowship program. 

Feature Work
Better Outdoors-9.jpg

STORYBOX contributor Kim Pham's work​, exhibited as an outdoor billboard. Artist impression by ESEM Projects.   


Explore more of our 'Words in Space' contributions below. 

Presenting new work by participants of Story Factory Workshop.


Produced by ESEM Projects.



feel the rain and smell the grass and bump your head on your favourite bar

and gift someone a hug and remind yourself of your insignificance

in this cosmic world


Oh sweet child 

oh sweet child,

show me your eyes, blue

such green,

your hands, they’re cold

but you have such beauty?

from each journey, a new

breath, turn of cold to coal

fires, start from embers

sand swims

where it settles for diamonds to shine

for the envious eye,



aren’t they beautiful?


Through the darkest clouds I pass

The fire I lead my heart into

Between the two unknown ways

I am brave as I believe

in my heart

I go through the life that hasn’t seen the future

Speak to me my errors!

Teach me like before in every challenge

I am ready to face, I am ready to assert

I am brave


I see the world in a butterfly’s

wings tripping

over themselves


they don’t fall in love

they fly into it


they understand

that no matter how different

we may seem,

we all laugh in the same language,

cry in the same language


just like the butterfly’s

vibrant eruption;




My grandma stands

in the kitchen. fire crackling, the

roti swallows air, rising over dried mud and kerosene.

She sings old songs of her woes

voice rises and falls, travelling generations

through minds of her children;


they memorise

pains of a past felt even today,

and pass it on


Stories within us

“The droplets of the rain

When put together become a big river

With too many species inside



The tiny fragments within us,

Of our thoughts

When put together become a big story

With vivid imaginations and sometimes,




A deep breath

Holding the ocean together

A subtle sigh

Pushing apart worlds

A crippling shout

Breaking apart chains

A bellowing sob

Quaking souls to the core

A piercing whisper

Separating souls with cavernous ravines

A shredding howl

Disintegrating rhythm and rhyme

A withering puff

trapping life


dropping it


What if

you took refuge within

my frail form that consisted of

Glass shards and bandaids

Blanketed by thick sheets and cotton balls

Would you feel safe in my arms?

Would you trust me?


So then why

Do you trust that person?


Pure Mistake 

the soft tree / the hard tree

that pulls me apart in pieces

and you got what you want / so just let me enjoy that dark

and light / the heat of the sun and the cold of the ice

wherever I go / you nurture what you want 


'These sounds'

 A 'Words in Space' contribution by Duy Quang Mai for STORYBOX. 

To read is to fly...

Quotation by AC Grayling.

Artist impression and typographic treatment by Michael Killalea. 

'Faces in the Street' by Henry Lawson (1888). 


Artist impression and typographic treatment by Michael Killalea. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.19.10 pm.png
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