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Connecting to Climate Futures, Now 


During 2021 the STORYBOX team have been collaborating with storytellers, artists, researchers and students to reflect on the shared experience of responding to the climate emergency. 


In Australia, many people want to see more government action on climate change. Many people are aware of the scientific evidence confirming climate change, but feel helpless and unable to respond to what the science is telling us. 

NOTE: Most videos do not have sound when they are played outdoors on STORYBOX.

Regenerative Storytelling Workshop

This is a time, not only for information and policy, but for emotion."

ABC Science Show, Climate Grief

We stand at a crossroads.

For decades the climate crisis has been something distant and far away. But now the future has come to meet us. 

What is it like to now be facing the prospect of severe climate change impacting our lives, our habitats and our communities?​​