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Earth Moving Anxiety

Kalanjay Dhir, 2016

Kalanjay Dhir is a video artist based at the Parramatta Artist Studios. He also grew up in Parramatta.  In 2019 with a bunch of friends he set up Pari, a grassroots arts space in Western Sydney. 

Artist Statement

A lot of my memory is the neighbourhood underneath scaffolding and cranes. Earthmoving Anxiety is a piece of choreography imagining the end of development. 

The promise of capitalism is progress, the endless acceleration of technology and society.
This dance between two excavators and their operators thinks about the limits of progress and asks: “If there was an end to building where would the earthmovers go?

— By Kalanjay Dhir.

More of Kal's work can be found via links below:



Pari: Parramatta Artist Run Space

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