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Rethinking outdoor media

What if we treated outdoor media as public space media — media that contributed to the value and experience of public spaces?


We've curated a series of visual provocations and writing projects that reimagine outdoor media as 'public space media'. 

Our 'Words in Space' initiative has supported emerging writers through new commissions designed for billboards in public spaces. 

The CURRENTS program provides a platform for showcasing creative work that highlights the importance of Sydney's river systems to local habitats and communities. 

This work has been supported by the City of Sydney through its Creative Resilience Fellowship program. 

Better Outdoors-9.jpg

Kim Pham's writing​ is exhibited as an outdoor billboard. Artist impression by ESEM Projects.   


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Better Outdoors?

Let's imagine a different outdoor media sector. 

Imagine if outdoor media contributed to the creativity and resilience of local places?


What would this create, for local storytelling, community engagement, place-making and creativity?

These Sounds, Duy Quang Mai, 2020 


Below: Artist rendering of John Foster Fraser's The Charm of Sydney (1918). 


Explore more Words in Space contributions by Story Factory writers

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