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Hi there. We're a new kid on the block. And we're here to do things a bit differently. 

We've created STORYBOX because we think media in public spaces can be a bit lame sometimes. 


Instead of building screens for commercial advertising, STORYBOX is here to advance the idea of public space media. That's media designed to enhance the experience and quality of a public space. 


Working collaboratively with communities, cultural institutions and creatives, we use STORYBOX to surface stories and insights that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of a place. We call these 'portals into place'.


We think places are, by their natures, full of difference. We don't like the idea that a place has a single brand or point of view, as some 'placemaking' experts might claim. 


We think diversity in communities should be celebrated. In a world of social media platforms, STORYBOX aims to be an inclusive space for insights and perspective that create meaningful connection, not just connection for the sake of it.

Our partnerships


STORYBOX curates and produces content through not-for-profit partnerships.  We invest partnership fees into new curatorial and creative work by local creatives and storytellers. We offer honorary fees for anything that we feature on the STORYBOX outdoors. That's not what social media platforms do. 

We're proud that the ABC has joined us for our launch project in Parramatta as an Anchor Content Partner. The ABC is one of Australia's public service broadcasters, and for many decades has existed as a kind of 'town square' of public life in Australia. As media continues to become more and more integrated into the life and experience of public spaces, via mobile and immersive media platforms, we thought it was worth exploring what role the ABC can play in public space media. You can learn more about the STORYBOX ABC Partnership here.

Who's behind STORYBOX?


STORYBOX is led by a team of passionate creatives, storytellers, producers video makers and technical designers. It is led by ESEM Projects, a couple working on digital storytelling and digital placemaking projects for the better part of the last decade. Founder, Dr. Sarah Barns, is someone passionate about what digital innovation means for our cities, and creates public interest projects and platforms in service of better places.


STORYBOX has been a labour of love for many years-in-the-making, inspired by many ideas, projects and conversations about working differently in public spaces. We can't thank our supporters, partners and advisers enough for joining us on this journey.


If you'd like to stay in touch and hear more about STORYBOX news, please do follow us on Instagram. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to hear more stories and insights about the people and the places we're featuring on the BOX. 

What's public space media? 

Public space media is, quite simply, media designed to be experienced in shared, public spaces.

Digital innovation has seen outdoor billboards morph into digital screens, offering the potential for more context-aware content.  But instead of just advertising, we think outdoor screens could showcase more relevant and engaging content, in ways that support the quality and experience of a place and its creativity.   

That's what we call public space media.

Public space media is likely to be experienced by audiences in a transitory way.

It is designed to enhance the overall amenity and shared experience of a place.

It is not television.

It exists exists somewhere between architecture and media. 

It should enhance, not diminish, what is unique about shared spaces and diverse communities. 

Public space media supports the value of public spaces as shared spaces for local culture and creativity.






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