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Ways of Seeing


Storybox Parramatta is a digital placemaking project originally designed to be experienced outdoors in Parramatta Square.


We're exploring this place Parramatta, its everywhere-people, its past lives and its future in the region. 

Parramatta: A gathering place 

“This place is where the river meets the saltwater. It’s a place where the adult eels following their age-old cycle, lying down in wait for the full moon, fat and ready for their epic journey up to the Coral Sea to spawn. 


The traditional clans of this area are the Burramattagal, as in ‘burra’ the eel (Parramatta area) and the Wallumattagal (Ryde area) as in ‘wallumai’ the snapper fish of the Dharug language group.”

Leanne Tobin,
Artist and playwright.

'The Fence: Burra Mutta - Parramatta'
by Leanne Tobin and Bonney Djuric 

Surfacing ABC archives through our exciting ABC Partnership.  

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“Mum says, when people ask you where you’re from you should say here, because here is where you’re at.”

Felicity Castagna,

Parramatta Writer.

'The Incredible Here
and Now'

Parramatta's changing skyline.

Richard Briggs & ESEM. Go to video

Blue Mountains Bush Regeneration ABC Content Ideas Lab. Go to video. 

Parramatta Portraits.

This portrait features community cultural development worker Alissar Chidiac by Brad Robson.  

Trace Objects. What's the story?  

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ABC TV Archives 'The Cedars of Lebanon Hall'.  Go to video. 

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