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In May 2020 we're launching our first pilot in Parramatta, with more opportunities to follow. We invite creatives and artists to get in touch to discuss potential opportunities to showcase your work. Find out more below. 

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We created STORYBOX because we're passionate about sharing stories and showcasing high quality digital content in public spaces.  

COVID-19 means we've taken the decision to launch online-first while social distancing measures are in place. In the meantime, we're continuing to build partnerships and curatorial opportunities with media artists and digital storytellers who work with stories of people and place.  


Would you like to be involved?  There's lots of ways to contribute. Check out the current opportunities below. 

If you have a contribution you'd like to share and not sure how, feel free to get in touch below. 

Our Partners

STORYBOX PARRAMATTA launches a unique partnership between ESEM Projects, the City of Parramatta, and the ABC's Content Ideas Lab.  Our content partners also include Western Sydney Universityand Story Factory.

Working closely with our content partners, we'll be surfacing unique stories, perspectives and insights into the many lives of Parramatta, real and imagined! ​​


Why Parramatta, you ask? Find out more here.  




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