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STORYBOX launched in Canberra during July 2022 with a unique digital placemaking program celebrating the cultural knowledge and insights of the city. The new program is called Inside/Out and is supported through partnerships with Canberra's national and local cultural institutions. 

Visit us in Canberra's Garema Place and across the City West Precinct. View map 

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Bringing creative knowledge and insights into Canberra's public spaces

The new STORYBOX program across Canberra's Civic and City West Precincts is called Inside/Out and is supported through partnerships with major national cultural and educational institutions and local cultural agencies.  

As well as the signature STORYBOX Cube, the program also pilots use of our outdoor digital plinths to support outdoor storytelling and civic arts programming. 

Learn more at the CRA STORYBOX website

STORYBOX Plinth in Canberra

Digital Plinths across the City West Precinct have launched with a series of reflections from Canberran artists and students on the role of art and creativity in everyday life. 

This work draws on Craft ACT's Nuture series produced with Canberran artists and makers during Covid lockdowns. 

These works invite citizens to 'Pause. Stop. Wonder' as they go about their daily journeys. They also provoke cities to rethink the role of outdoor digital programming, given the renewed importance of public spaces to community wellbeing. 


"The wonderful thing about STORYBOX in Canberra is that we are able to join up some of the most important national institutions in our city, and invite them to participate in an opportunity to share their digital collections with all Canberrans and visitors to our city."


City Renewal Authority CEO Malcolm Snow at the launch of STORYBOX in Canberra, July 2022. 

View the full launch speech


Participating Partners

  • National Gallery of Australia

  • National Film and Sound

  • Archive of Australia

  • Australian University School of Art & Design

  • Craft ACT

  • Canberra Museums and Galleries

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